Tuesday, March 25, 2008

What is submitted to IBESR?

When a dossier is submitted to IBESR it is done in the following order:

(* the husband's document is always placed on top of the wife's document. The French translation is always placed on the bottom of the original document.)

From bottom of dossier file to the top):

Psychological Evaluation – husband/wife
Three Reference Letters
Lab & Medical Report (medical report on top of lab)- husband/wife
Police Report – husband/wife
Employment & Income Verification – husband/wife
Power of Attorney (Pouvoir Judiciaire)
Divorce (if there was one prior)
Marriage License
Birth Certificate –husband/wife
Letter to IBESR
Identification – husband/wife (passport, State I.D., social security cards)
Approved I-171H (for U.S. Families)
Photo Page of adoptive parents

On top of the adoptive parent's documents is the section with the child's documents:

Lab Report
Medical Report
Psychological Evaluation
Social Worker Report
Minute de Greffe
Death Certificate with Archive on top
Birth Certificate with Archive on top
Photo Page of child

Inside folder – Copy of I.D. card of birth parents or family council.

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