Saturday, April 12, 2008

Medical & School Mission Trip - August 2008

I am organizing a medical and school mission trip to Cerca Carvajal, Haiti during the first week of August, 2008.

Cerca Carvajal is a remote area, beyond the town of Hinche. The area does not have any medical doctors, pharmacies or medical services. People suffer from "simple" ailments but they do not have access to even the most basic medical services and/or medicines.

Cerca Carvajal's depute, A. Rodon Bien-Aime, opened two schools in the area last summer. The two schools are free community based schools and are not religious schools. Currently, there are five teachers and approx. 900 students aged 5-18. Though the schools have some rudimentary supplies and buildings, the schools need lots of books, basic school supplies and basic furniture.

It is my hope to have at least 10 medical volunteers and 600 pounds of medical supplies to bring to Cerca Carvajal during the first week of August.

Additionally, it is my hope to have at least 10 school volunteers and 600 pounds of school supplies to bring also.

Keep in mind that one can purchase supplies (medical and school) in Port au Prince, but monetary donations are needed to purchase such supplies.

Cerca Carvajal is a breathtakingly beautiful area. It is really poor but beautiful. Please see my blog entries for August 2007 on for a trip description and photos of the region.

Housing in Cerca Carvajal would be provided for free, but you would be expected to contribute to the gasoline cost of driving up to the plateau (or you can travel via small plane) and to contribute toward the food cost. Additionally, you would have to pay between $50-80 per night while staying in Port au Prince.

Please email me if you want to participate in the trip or if you can help out in any way.

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