Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Response emails...

... I just want you to know that I have received so many emails with concerns regarding the U.S. Consulate in Haiti and the treatment orphanages and parents have been receiving that it might take me a while to personally respond to each one of your emails.

Keep praying. Keep lobbying for your children. Don't give up.

If adoptions in Haiti were truly fraudulent adoptions, I would not be on here posting information, BUT they are not fraudulent.
  • If there is a mistake on a document chances are it is an honest mistake, a typo, a wrong spelling. Documents are hand written and also typed on old-fashioned manual type writers.
  • If a birth parent states certain things in an interview it is because she may feel bullied, embarrassed, wants to save face or is plain confused by the questioning. Most of the birth mothers who make the choice to give their child a future are illiterate and are simple people (not dumb people, but simple). Some go as far as to say that they never intended to give their child for adoption - why? Out of embarrassment! (Put yourself into her situation!)
  • Some of the orphanage directors/adoption facilitators are treated in a rude and curd manner accused of submitting "forged" papers, like an Archive Birth Certificate (just to cite one situation) when the documents are not forged or fraudulent.

Even though walk-in hours are still posted on the website, unfortunately, the new Consulate section does not even allow walk-in hours anymore. This makes the process even more user un-friendly.

Many families who emailed me told their stories of not receiving replies to their inquiries, told me about their adoption facilitars and their orphanage directors being treated rudely, adoptive and bio families being treated rudely. It makes me sad that this is the way the process has evolved to...

So, I will get to answering individual emails as soon as I get more time (I am in middle of my final law school exams).


Anonymous said...

I want to thank you for all of your help.....and support! Sometimes I feel like my faith is strong and I know that God is in control, and other days I let the fear and frustration get the best of me. Thanks for being there when I have those days. I have to say on behalf of all adoptive families, it not only helps to know that you aren't in it alone, but that someone is trying to fight for you and cares enough to do so. Thanks!! Dawn

acceptancewithjoy said...

May your fly through your exams without one bit of anxiety... knowing what you know, articulating your thoughts well and reading the professor's mind as to what key things need to be said in order to get the "right" answer.

Anonymous said...

I support you and thank you to give your time to help people!! DOn't forget yourself!!I whish you good examss!!