Friday, May 16, 2008

If it's not one's Haiti

This week, the gas stations have been out of Diesel type gasoline.

"No Diesel. Maybe next month." --- There is regular gasoline available, but there are many vehicles, trucks and buses that use diesel for fuel.

Additionally, diesel is used to run electricity generators in businesses, government offices and court houses. If there is no diesel, there is no electricity and subsequently no work gets done...

Regular gasoline is available. Fortunately, my car runs on gasoline. :-)


Anonymous said...

Does it mean that for example MOI can not work until next month???

Kathy Eden said...

That is so not good! Thanks for the update. said...

People still go to work, I am going to be at MOI on Wednesday. I will post an update then.

I am not sure how far reaching this diesel shortage is. It definately impacts the way businesses and offices run. MOI has a HUGE diesel generator that provides electricity for the entire building. If there is no diesel then the generator would not run, for obvious reasons.

As I mentioned above, I am going to be there on Wednesday... I will post then. (IF there is electricity to access the internet. I usually go to Visa Lodge to use the wireless internet there, but they use diesel too for their huge generator. However, those businesses don't go to the gas station to try to buy diesel, the get it through a distributor.)