Tuesday, May 27, 2008

UN visibly absent in Port au Prince

I made an observation that the UN is visibly absent from the streets of Port au Prince.

Last month when the food demonstrations started, the UN showed up and was present in force. While I observed protesters that were peaceful (on the first day of PAP demonstrations) on one side of the block, on the other side of the block were big white UN tanks with troops and rifles.

Even before the demonstrations, on a daily basis, there were UN tanks and UN patrols all over the area. For example, if you took that turn by the "Three Hands" traffic circle toward Citie Soleil, by the Airport Road, there was always a UN checkpoint. Those checkpoints have disappeared.

Now, the only one that I have seen is one on the way out toward the north, Route 1, by the garbage dump.

Also, the UN troops are not longer hanging out at the hotels, restaurants and beach resorts during the weekend. We like to go to Waho Bay to eat lobster on the weekend and we always used to joke that we had to get there before the UN ate up all the lobster. Last weekend, none were to be seen...UN troops that is...


Anonymous said...

What do you think this means?????

achildsvoice@live.com said...

I really do not know what that means, but it is very obvious that the UN is not visible. I am guessing that it may have to do with the demonstrations? They were a VERY VISIBLE force prior to that time and during that time.

Post demonstrations, there has been very little visibile UN presence.

Also, Haiti still does not have a new prime minister. Several have been suggested, but none have made it through the voting process.

Personally, I liked the previous prime minister who got sacked. He was fired as a "scapegoat" for the lack of progress in Haiti.

In my opinion, progress can be made, but only after some root changes have taken place. The people who have the money would lose out and thus, those fundamental changes will probably not happen anytime soon.