Tuesday, July 8, 2008

MOI Update...

There is no "blocking" at MOI and files are steadily being signed out of the Ministry of Interior.

Please check with your orphanage, maybe there are issues with documents that have to be corrected in some of the adoption files?


Anonymous said...

Does anyone know how long it is taking for a passport to be issued for a Haitian Adoption?

Can the passport run concurrent with MOI?

Anonymous said...

As prospective adoptive parents from Haiti, who it seems is like so many other adoptive parents out there who can not get enough about news of Haiti and its children, While surfing the net I came across 2 wonderful organizations who are helping the children of Haiti. Check them out if you have time. I have sponsored 2 children from His Hands for Haiti program for 2 years now and have had no problems.



Would like to know if there are other organizations out there that are also doing wonderful work like this.

Cheers :o)

alejandra said...

There is another place, a Rescue Center in Cazale

it is the same place. they work with a facilitator, barbara walker, the same woman with whom I am adopting.