Thursday, July 31, 2008


Sorry, but I have had very limited internet access during the last week and have not really had a chance to post any promised updates.

Parquet Meeting:
I am not sure if the main reason that Parquet had a meeting with orphanage directors last week was soley because of the Nightline News Report that the reporter did on "buying children" (remember from a few weeks ago?)...but that seems to have been at least one reason as to why Parquet officials (Gassant) had announced that no more adoptions were going to be processed.

However, during this meeting, it was determined that the reporter could not have been able to take a child out of the country, especially to the United States, and that calmed things down a bit.

Realistically, what would have probably happened to the reporter if he had actually obtained the child, he would have most likely been arrested by the police men who were supposedly corrupt. They would have collected any bribe money and then would have arrested the person trying to leave with the child...because that is how it works in Haiti. :-)

Adoptions are going to be continued to be processed throughout the summer.

Also, UNICEF had another meeting with IBESR officals with some orphanage representatives present. As usual, UNICEF was expressing its concerns about women selling their babies to orphanages for adoptions.

(Remember, in December 2007, I had a meeting with UNICEF where the gentleman that I met with said the same thing, told me that he had proof about this happening, but never produced it.)

Well, one of my friends who is an orphanage director asked UNICEF that if they are so sure that is happening and know of where and when it has happened, then why have the UNICEF officials not called the police, reported the incident and have the pesons arrested. Wouldn't that make UNICEF an accessory to a crime? Hmmm....

What UNICEF does not seem to understand is that most children adopted in Haiti to international families are not babies. There are so many children in need of families, including babies, that there is no need to pay for a child. But, UNICEF does not seem to understand that. So, the "urban legend" of the child buying continues.

MOI: They are working and signing out files. The passport office is issuing passport.


Anonymous said...

Vera, gosh, it just seems like some things are so obvious. Like how would the guy have gotten the kids out of the country? And why hasn't proof of baby buying been produced? Yeah.

Do you know how things are going with visas? Are they still being held up at the state department?

Anonymous said...

what about all the parents being told they are too young? Any info on that?

Anonymous said...

Have you heard if presidential waivers are being signed?