Monday, August 11, 2008

Parquet News, Mr. Gassant has been encouraged to resign by Preval

Hello, I am posting for Vera because she doesn't have an internet connection.

Claudy Gassant (the man in charge of adoptions at Parquet) was "encouraged to resign" today by President Preval. Here's what happened: Mr. Gassant had an argument with the Petionville's Chief of Police and ended up slapping the Chief of Police. As you can imagine, slapping the Chief of Police doesn't go over well. As a result President Preval called Mr. Gassant into his office and ______(encouraged him to resign - which he did) and the Chief of Police is taking Mr. Gassant to court.

Absolute power corrupts absolutely.


Anonymous said...

Do you know if this will cause a stop in parquet? Is there anyone else who can sign the papers?

Anonymous said...

Well Praise the Lord!! This man has held up adoptions for months without cause! Our documents were in Parquet for ten months. We must pray that God will place a person of Honor and Godly conviction in this position and quickly. Lord you are Faithful in All! Amen!

Anonymous said...

Ouah ! What a goog news !!Il y a finalement une justice !!
Cet homme a bloqué notre dossier pendant presque 10 mois, maintenant il est au chômage !!
Qu'il y ait quelqu'un d'intègre et de coeur à être nommé le plus vite possible pour que les dossiers continuent leurs cours rapidement.

Angela said...

From what I heard this man was bad bad bad bad bad news. I know he personally nearly caused us the end of our adoptions. This news is so beautiful to me that I almost burst into tears when I heard it. I prayed he would have a change of heart or be removed. Now, Please Lord... Someone new that will be a blessing to our adoptions!!!

Thanks for this news!!!

The Haiti Lady said...

I am so happy...can you see the happy dance from where you are?
Love ya,
LeAnne The Haiti Lady

TheSalvantSeven said...

Answered prayer. PTL

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord for what??!!!! You guys don't even know how to give news don't even live into this country....FIRST OF ALL ....HE WAS NOT FIRED BY PREVAL.....HE DECIDED TO LEAVE HIS POSITION.....SO PLEASE STOP SPREADING EVERYWHERE THAT HE WAS FIRED!!! said...

Wow, I did not know that Mr. Gassant is reading my blog from his new post in the Dominican Republic.... I should correct that posting to state that he was "encouraged to resign".

And we are giving thanks to God for your departure because you abused your power terribly while you held your position. We know what you did at Kaliko Beach with the adoptive family, etc. We know what you did while in your previous position...and we are praising GOD for removing you.

Anonymous said...

My God ..use your think that M. Gassant has time to read or to answer your trash ...c'mon your dream!! I 'm not saying taking the decision to adopt a child is not right..that 's a good move but the only thing..when you don't know something don't pretend you know it! Mainly in the Gassant's case.