Tuesday, October 14, 2008

IBSER Update

The new IBESR director has started signing adoption authorizations last Friday, October 10th. She has promised to sign out files at an expedient rate.

Just thought that some of you waiting in IBESR would like to know the update.

Yes, the "new rule" is 35 years, but if your file was submitted prior to the "new rule", you should be able to get signed out as long as you were 30 at time of submission.


Anonymous said...

Hello Vera, Thank you for the update. My husband is 31 and I 30, we have been in IBESR since Jan 08, I was only 29. Are they still making acceptions? I just left Haiti and everything in our dossier is correct according to our lawyer.
Thank you

Anonymous said...

Yes i have the same question ....
I turned 30 about 1 week after our dossier was submitted in April - hubby will be 30 next month. Does it help if you go visit your kids lot?

Emma said...

Vera, when was the new rule set in place? They didn't get our Dossier until June 26. Emma

Greg's Wife said...

I am go glad to hear this.

Any word on when IBESR will start accepting NEW dossiers? I hear there's quite a backlog of people waiting to get in.

stephanie garcia said...

Thank you SO much for this update!!

Wordy girl said...

Do you know whether they are making exceptions for people with documented infertility?

Anonymous said...

Hello Vera,

Thanks so much for the information you give here. Please tell more about the "35" rule. How solid is it going to be? If a couple has documentation in IBESR already and is well over 40; has infertility; and has adopted two children already from elsewhere what is likely to happen?

Anonymous said...

en ce moment je trouve qu'il n'y a pas beaucoup de dossiers qui sortent. Beaucoup moins qu'en juin juillet. Je suppose que les 2 mois de delais que l'on voyait régilièrement ces derniers temps vont être de beaucoup allongé. Domage pour les parents mais aussi et surtout pour les enfants qui attendent

Anonymous said...

Does anybody here know the (French) Simon family adopting Blandia??
I would like to contact them, because they use the same IBESR file number as me, 16236, and GLA has confirmed mine is correct. According to the IBESR enter/exit list their file was signed in June!. Now I'm very worried IBESR made a mistake and my file may be lying there fruitlessly. OR the Simon family typed in the wrong number.
Can anyone help?
Thank you,
J. Renting

Anonymous said...

J. Renting,
I would contact NLL (New Life Link) and/ or IBESR to clarify!

Anonymous said...

Ia, the french poeple who write the precedent post. I put e massage to e group to ask the Simon family. I don't know if they are in yahoo groups, but I try


Anonymous said...

Quand est qu'elle va se remettre à signer les dossier.

You write she want sign fast, but just few "Dossier". When she will start ta sign ?

Patricia the frensch woman

virginie said...

Pourquoi ça ne sort plus ?
Que se passe t'il à l'IBESR ?

une maman inquiète car moins de 35 ans, son fils adopté en Haïti en 2007, en attente de sa fille, dossier entré à l'ibesr en septembre.

Anonymous said...

Hi this was just posted on the 'God's Littlest Angels' website.


Thought those who are in the '30' age group would be interested.

"11 November 2008

Today, our meeting with Mrs. Bernard Pierre was a good one. Several things were clarified for us and Mrs. Bernard Pierre says that she will ask Parquet to give us a moratorium on all dossiers that pass IBESR in 2008. She will ask that all dossiers that IBESR approves be allowed to finish the process.

She said that if a couple has a letter of sterility and if at least one of the couple is 30 years old, then they will allow the couple to adopt without any problems. After the moratorium is through, then all dossiers that do not meet the requirements of the law of 1974 will need a Presidential dispensation (pardon).

We need to push for the new law that is in the works to be finished and passed. Instead of the French and American Embassies trying to put roadblocks in the path of each adoption going to their countries, they could help us push to get the new law passed and we could have a new updated law to work with that would allow us to help all of the children waiting for families."

Cheers Irene