Friday, November 21, 2008

MOI Procedure has changed...

The Ministry of Interior (MOI) has revised their process because many orphanages are submitting adopted children’s files for passport approvals without having all the necessary documents and/or without having the necessary stamps or authentifications.

As a result, files had been stuck inside of MOI for months with the MOI office getting the blame.

Now, there is an intermediate office inside of MOI where the documents are reviewed and the file will not be moved to the office where the interview takes place until all documents are in order. Then the interview can take place and the Director of Political Affairs signs the letter to authorize the issuance of the Haitian passport.

MOI has always required a photocopy of the adopting family's I.D. or passport. They prefer a driver's license because that number is assigned and does not change. Also, they want the adoptive parents' social security number (U.S. families). That is not anything new either...


Anonymous said...

Hi Vera,

Will this be a quick step or will it cause further delays it the very long proces?

The Haiti Lady said...

Have you heard of them asking for Adoptive Parent ID's? Had this happen to current family in Prep stage for MOI.
LeAnne The Haiti Lady

Janneke said...

Hello Vera,

What does this changing mean? Gives this a delay in the MOI process??
Our next adoption step is the MOI, we are in courts now.

Janneke, the Netherlands

Anonymous said...

I think anyone giving out that kind of information (SS#, driver's Lic #, etc) should put a block on their credit . . . you are at HIGH RISK for identity theft!!