Thursday, November 27, 2008

MOI Update & Changes

There is a new "boss" for adoption dossiers in the Ministry of Interior (Me. Guignard is still the main boss) so expect some changes because there are always changes...

Today I learned that one of the new requirements is that any Archive (those are done for birth certificates, death certificates and for the adoption decrees) have to be authenticated by the Justice Ministry. This is because MOI does not trust that the signature on the Archive documents to be the signature of the Director of Archives.

I am going back today to check that this has to be done just for the Adoption Archive or also for the birth and death certificate Archives too.

No matter what, this will add more time to the process... I told the people in MOI that soon the process will take so long that the kids will be 18 years old by time the adoptions are done.


VIRGINIE said...

only 4 in november ?????

dossier IBESR 25/09/08

Anonymous said...

Any word on visa appointments and visa's being issued? Our birthparent interview was on 11/12 and we are waiting to hear about her visa.

Anonymous said...

suffioui c'est complètement désespérent. Normalement lorsqu'un directeur arrive les dossiers sortent rapidement, mais là, c'est tout le contraire qui se passe. Depuis le départ de Madame Beaudin c'est presque le néant.

C'est complètement désespérent. Espérons que ce ne soit qu'une apparence, mais le s4 dossiers de Novembre et les 11 d'octobre sont criant par rapport aux oages des mois précédent

Angela said...

Does this mean you are in Haiti right now? My friend once asked me (long into our wait) if we would have to adopt our children's spouses and children too. ;) Funny and yet not so funny.