Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Information Needed - France, Germany & Canada

I am currently writing a comparative family law paper and need some specific information from France, Germany and Canada.

1. I need the number of children who entered France, Germany and Canada during 2008. (I also need the source of your information.)

2. When a child is adopted by a U.S. family, the U.S. Embassy has a certain process, this includes an "orphan investigation" where the birth family is interviewed and investigators from the embassy go out to check out documents and records at IBESR, the courts, etc. I know that the other countries (France, Germany & Canada) have their own process, but nothing like the U.S. process. Please, if you share information with me... I would greatly appreciate it!

(I also need copies of the process/rules, etc. --- for example the U.S. Embassy has a Foreign Services Manual that describes what embassy officials have to do when conducting the "orphan investigation" and what has to be done in order for the adopted child to receive a visa to enter the U.S.)

THANKS!!!! ~~~~ achildsvoice@live.com

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