Tuesday, May 19, 2009

IBESR & Waiver Rumors

The following is an update posted by GLA on their website:

Please note that this is only for dossiers that were received by IBESR before October 2008. This does NOT apply to any dossiers submitted to IBESR after October 2008.

"14 May 2009
We received 4 dossiers out of IBESR where the families have biological children and we did not need a dispensation! We talked to Parquet and they are saying that they are honoring a moratorium on all dossiers that arrived in IBESR by October 2008 and not requiring a dispensation for them! We took the 4 dossiers to Parquet today. Now we must wait to see if they actually will go ahead and sign the dossiers! One of these files has been in IBESR since January 2007! This is great news if they actually honor the moratorium and grandfather these dossiers through on the old policies that were ineffect at the time. This is also supposed to include all dossiers rejected by Parquet due to biological children back in 2008.
Keep praying because we have a lot of dossiers sitting in IBESR waiting for a dispense. This ruling would be a small gift from God if it truly is the policy fo now!"


Rachel said...

I won't count on it, but oh, how wonderful that would be!

Anonymous said...

see http://www.glahaiti.org/adoption_news for more.
Greetings Sylvia van Rienderhoff

Bambi and Adam said...

Hope it is true :) This would be a great blessing for everyone in process !

Anonymous said...

Any idea how long Presidential Waivers are taking these days? Is it still about 10 per week? Any new info there?

Anonymous said...

Is it true that when the letter is written from immigration you can have passports printed in 4 days if you pay a fee otherwise it takes about 2months? How much is the fee? Whose pocket does it go into? do you need the original copy of birthcertificates and adotion decree for this passport printing process to be completed?

Do you know, please let me know.