Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Haitian Driver/Translator - reliable

I have a Haitian friend who speaks English quite well and has proven himself to be reliable. His name is Lucian and he may be reached at 3417-8384 or 3587-1636.

From the U.S. you would have to dial 011-509-3417-8384 or 011-509-3587-1636.

If you have a car and just need a driver or translator/guide for the day, his daily rate is $20 (U.S.) per day.

If you need a car and a driver, the car costs $20 (U.S.) per day, plus his daily rate, plus you have to pay for any gasoline used.

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stephanie garcia said...

We had very good experiences with Lucian on both of our trips to Haiti.