Friday, June 12, 2009

IBESR & MOI Update

I was told today that the main IBESR director, Madam Pierre is not on a trip to France, thus she won't be signing any adoption dossiers...sorry...

The city seemed more quiet today. I was told that there were demonstrations, but I did not see any. However, I saw a lot of police in riot gear, but not much else.

I had an interesting conversation with one of the "bum guys" that hang out in front of the Ministry of Interior. He insisted that former President Clinton is going to be the new governor of Haiti and they are going to get rid of President Preval.

Aside from the bums on the street having this as the topic of their political musings, members of the Haitian legislature might be asking for President Preval to step down. People are tired of there not being any progress.

Ministry of Interior was closed yesterday for the holiday, and today, the director was not there. That is two weeks of not being able to do any MOI work (remember, last week it was the funeral that everybody attended), understandibly so...


rubythread said...

I'm sorry I don't quite understand...Is Madam Pierre on a trip to France so she can't sign out dossiers or is she here (Haiti) and just not signing them? Any idea when she will start signing again?

Kirsten Brady
(over a year in IBESR)

Anonymous said...

Please let us know when MOI is up and running again...We have supposedly been on the Directors desk for signature for months and all of the corrections that were needed to be done have been for a long time. We are starting our 9th month in MOI so we are desparate to get out.