Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Manifestations, etc.

Today, the manifestations (demonstrations) were around the park area near the Presidential Palace. We were able to get into Immigration and picked up three passports...that is what we had been trying to do for the past few days but were not able to do that because of the demonstrators on the street.

Yesterday afternoon, I was riding a tap-tap into town (I do not have my own car), and the police was out in force, in their battle gear and tear gas containers in hand. I am glad that the tap-tap quickly passed them in the intersection...tear gas does not feel too good. :)) I really need to get my own car. I do not mind riding a tap-tap, but it is "open air" and not the safest or the most efficient mode of transportation. However, cars cost money to purchase...LOL (Just to clarify, when I am working with my friend, I drive her truck to get the errands done, but on my own, I am on-my-own regarding transportation.)

On a personal note, though I try to keep this blog just for updates... I graduated from law school with my Juris Doctor, just before coming back down to Haiti. Not only did I graduate, but I was the valedictorian for my graduating class. Unfortunately, I missed the graduation ceremonies because of the ticket prices (had I stayed one more day to attend the graduation, the ticket price would have gone up by a lot of money). So, my fellow graduates were spared a boring speech by me. :))

I am taking the bar exam in Florida and in Calfornia. Also, I have been studying Haitian Law and am getting to be really well versed in the law here. Mind you, in Haiti, there may be a law on the books but that does not mean that it is being followed or enforced.


four2six said...

Major congrats on your law school achievements!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations for your graduate on Law school !! and many thanks for all the precious information you provide us. It helps us to better understand all the process of adoption of our child and to understand better the delay.