Sunday, June 7, 2009

Sunday - Update

In response to comment re. my last posting: The riots on Thursday and Friday last week had nothing to do with the priest's death, though I heard on the radio here that there were demonstrations in Miami regarding his death. On the radio, people were calling in regarding the priest's death and they were angry against President Preval.

If his funeral is at 11:00 a.m. today at Notre Dame Cathedral downtown, I am going to make sure to avoid that area. There are going to be clogged streets and probably thousand mourners and that can turn ugly, especiall if there is anger.

The rioting last week had to do with angry students. The headline of the "Le Nouvelliste" newspaper reads: Etudiants our casseurs? (Students or Demonstrators?)

According to the article, students of two universities were demonstrating (L'Ecole Normale Superieure & Doit et d'Ethonolgie). The second school is a law school...LOL...they will be some good lawyers! (Just joking)...

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