Saturday, September 19, 2009


I have had so many internet connection issues that I finally "broke down" and purchased an internet connection system. It was quite costly, way too much money, but at least I can connect to the internet without having to wait 10 minutes for one email to pop up...

Port-au-Prince Parquet - Judge Cadet is requiring families whose adoptions are processed through the Port-au-Prince court to attend in person. 

U.S. Embassy Meeting - Last week Wednesday, I attended a meeting at the U.S. Embassy to which Judge Cadet, Madam Pierre (IBESR), M. Guignard (MOI) were invited also. M. Guignard is out of town, so his second in charge attended.  Representatives from the French and Canadian Embassies were also in attendance as were other orphanage directors/ representatives. I really think that this meeting's real purpose was to get the Haitian officials to see that the parents are thoroughly screened and thus maybe the Haitian officials would stop making the adoption process more difficult. 

For example, UNICEF keeps talking about disruptions, parents not knowing the children they are adopting and child trafficking. This presentation at the U.S. Embassy really "drove home" the point that parents are well qualified to adopt and that "child buying" is illegal under U.S. law. Also, the consular official made it very clear that if there is so much as an inkling of fraud, misrepresentation or suspicion of child buying, the child's visa will not be approved. 

When I spoke to some of the officials later this week, they seemed to understand the process a bit better, but at the same time, they were annoyed because the invitation stated the start time as 9:00 a.m. but the meeting did not start until 10:20 a.m. Some of the Haitian officials felt slighted by that and one said that this was "disrespecting my time". 

I think that the dialog needs to continue and that Haitian officials understand that parents who are adopting are not "rogue adopters" but thoroughly screened for fitness to adopt. Also, there needs to be a continued education that on the U.S. side of things, the adoptions are thoroughly examined and that contrary to UNICEF's concerns illegal and fraudulent "stuff" cannot make it through the system. 

In Haitian adoptions, there are way to many cooks in the kitchen (as the saying goes). That is why things are so slow and frustrating. It is almost like every step is its own adoption process. It would be nice to get the departments/ministries/court to communicate with each other and to trust each other's process. 

During the meeting USCIS and the U.S. Consulate representatives explained the approval process that American families have to go through in order to be approved to adopt. 


Kristy Kuenzi said...

Hey that great news about you computer! I would go bonkers on a email that took 10 minutes. Sounds like your meeting went well. I hope it helps.Im guessing that one of Hope or Faith's paperwork still isn't what it should be. I know, I know, I just need patients. Im trying, It's just so hard sometimes. Someday, they'll be home. At least I can see the end. Have a great weekend Vera.
God Bless,

Kristy Kuenzi

Jediah L. said...

My wife and I were in Haiti all week; with the storms, our internet connection was down most of the week as well - it was driving me insane - it's sad, but true, that it's so hard to go for any length of time without being 'connected' to the world.

It was also the first time I've ever received a communication from the Port Au Prince Warden while in Haiti, warning about the demonstrations down town by the Hospital...

We were in Haiti primarily to meet the requirements of the in person PVA signing, but we accomplished a lot in one week, and were also aware of the meeting at IBESR.

I heard some dissapointing news upon returning today that a large adoption agency in the state where I live has stopped doing any Haitian adoptions because of how 'unstable' (their word not mine) the adoption process is...

It's very sad, because there are so many needy children... at the same time, I'm very glad that the 'system' is at least trying to examine ways to make the adoption process go more smoothly.

As always, thanks for the updates... was wondering why we hadn't heard in a while....

Anonymous said...

Hi Vera,
We were ready to come down and stand in front of the judge,but our orphanage director called us not to come. He said that on that Wed meeting,parents who already have met their kids ,do not have to come to Haiti and face the judge.So i hope more good things are coming from all this.Thanks for all you do,Mervi

r. said...

Could you write more about the disruption concerns? From what I've heard, this does happen more than lots of folks realize. Do you have any statistics on it by any chance?

johninara said...

hi Vera, we hit the 3 year mark Aug. 1st waiting for our daughter (one year of that in MOI...still there), your observation is SO true that each step in the process is a complete re-examination of EVERYTHING & that's why it's now taking so long.
i'm glad at least small steps are being taken to fix that (though i have to admit the part about the Haitian officials being annoyed by having a meeting start late was pretty hilarious).
inara :o)

Tara L. said...

I thought it was show business ... and way too cold in that room. I am still thawing out even now.

I also found it totally fascinating to watch many Government-types being asked a direct question - and the skill they employ in managing to NOT answer said question.

Quite impressive really.

Leslie said...

Hi Vera,
Do you think it would help them if there was a process for sending letters and reports about how the kids are doing and that they do have loving families? It seems like they don't hear that side of things and don't really understand how adopted children are truly family members. Thanks so much for these updates and for all you are doing!

clarisse said...

Vera I am so glad you can now connect properly. my file has still not had the pres waiver and I felle depressed, so little compassion to our children drives me crazy.
An anonymous post says that if we have already seen our child we don't have to come and neet mr cadet. Do you have any thing official about that? My crèche director is aware of nothing.
Thank you again for what you do, have a nice Sunday.
Cla from France, more than 2 years waiting...and still waiting for presidential derogation.