Monday, February 1, 2010

Haiti Update

Yes, I survived the earthquake, thank you God!

I have very limited computer or internet access. I have been working with different parents and orphanages to get humanitarian parol "visas"for adopted or in the process of being adopted children.

Here is what all adoptive children's parents need to know, make sure that you have current fingerprints with USCIS!!! Many of the files (children) stuck in the process in the Port au Prince USCIS are stuck because the adoptive parents do not have active fingerprints. They expire every 18 months! Please, if you are one of these parents, go to your local USCIS office and have them resubmitted ASAP.


Anonymous said...

Vera, So glad to hear from you! I worried when your blog hadn't updated.

Brandy and Troy said...

I was so worried about you!! So glad to hear that you are o.k.

Kathy adoptive mom ..hopefully said...


I am very glad to see your blog again. God bless!!

Anonymous said...

They actually expire every 15 months. Ours expired Jan 15 and PRAISE GOD our son got out anyway; but we did get a notice once he got home that we had to go get refingerprinted ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Hi Vera
I am so happy that you did survive. I have looked at the blog many times to see if ther ewas any news. I got my son home to france the 22 jan (his paper work was finished before th Earthquake).
We are very lucky. We are praying for all the children and families who are suffering now. Hopefully this disaster will bring a new start to Haiti...

Rosalie or Mathew said...

Hi Vera:

Thank you for posting. I too was worried about what happened to you and was checking your blog as often as I could. We brought our two adoptive daughters home from Haiti two weeks ago (they were from Mercy & Sharing). They were with the first 24 orphans evacuated to Canada.

Nice to hear you are OK. Thank you for the update.


David said...

God Bless you lead you with His Love & anointing.