Friday, April 4, 2008

Mixed Messages re: France & Parquet

Okay... so we have heard one report of a meeting where Mr. Gassant told representatives from U.S. adoption organizations that it was because of UNICEF's pressure on him to enforce the 1974 law that he is not signing adoption decrees.

Then today, I was told that Mr. Gassant told an orphanage director who processes French adoptions that the reason he cannot sign the French adoption decrees is because the French Embassy told Mr. Gassant that he has to enforce the 1974 law.

For all of you who do not know what the 1974 adoption law is, it is the law that states that only families or singles without biological children can adopt.

Then I spoke with another orphanage director who has been told by Mr. Gassant's office that as long as IBESR has approved the adoption that he will sign the adoption decree.

Okay now... French families --- You need to write to your government to clarify what was said to whom by whom. Is the French Embassy insisting that for all French adoptions Mr. Gassant has to follow the 1974 law? If so, would that not be overstepping their territory?

Also, it would be interesting to find out from a reliable source what was said and decided during the meeting between the French Embassy and Mr. Gassant.

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