Friday, April 4, 2008

U.S. Consulate Closed... of Tuesday, April 8th.

The Visa Department is not starting up new appointments until April 16th. I was told this by Mrs. Nancy McCarthy this afternoon.

I know that USCIS is closed as of tomorrow for the move, but I do not know when they will reopen.

HOWEVER, Ms. McCarthy is still scheduling actual visa appointments during the days that the US Consulate is officially closed. (I.e. today (Wed. April 7), there were two visa appointments, and tomorrow (Tuesday, April 8) , she was scheduling at least three visa appointments).

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Anonymous said...

Vera, Did you receive the email from Nancy that she is changing the way she does the visa's? She is wanting the money when the paperwork is turned in and not paid when the visa is finished. This is a brand new rule she just made on Friday. She emailed us the statement Friday afternoon.

Rob Fox
Anderson, IN