Tuesday, April 1, 2008

UNICEF & Claudy Gassant - PAP Parquet

I received an update yesterday as to why the Chief Proscutor of the Port-au-Prince Parquet Claudy Gassant (he is the "judge" who signs off on all adoption decrees) is not signing adoption decrees for families that have biological children.

He is enforcing the 1974 Haitian Law that states that only childless couples and singles can adopt. The reason Mr. Gassant apparently stated for not signing the adoption decrees is that he is getting pressured by UNICEF not to sign these decrees (even the ones with presidential pardons for many families).

So, to get to the bottom of this statement, we need to write a letter to the main person in charge of UNICEF in the Carribian region. He speaks English, French and Spanish, so getting a letter and email to him won't be difficult. However, the UNICEF person directly overseeing adoptions in Haiti is French speaking only.

If you can help me translate the letter and email, I would really appreciate it. Email me!


Anonymous said...

Hello Vera, I spoke with Natalie and we are supporting you in this, in Quebec , the SAI is having the UNICEF point of view and we are fighting for years about this!! Adoption has cut down in half in one year and going down each day not because there is less family wanting to adopt or less children in need of good family!!
And in Haiti , really needy children dies every day because this process is too long and they need more cares than Haiti and the orphenage can provide!

I would like to write a french letter to that guy too , if you can let us know his name and where to send this or let us know if we should send it to you.

You are a responce to our prayers for the children, thank you!!

Isabelle alias zabboo@hotmail.com

Anonymous said...

Hi Vera,

On the Parquet files list (on Kodaks blog)there are some files that came out of Parquet in March from families with biological children.

Here's the link:

Angela said...


I'm not good at writing letters but I sure will sign it if you need signatures. I'll be checking in to see but please let me know if there is anything in the meanwhile I can do to help!

alejandra said...

I would sign the letter too!!!

thanks for your work!

Anonymous said...

My daughters are both home from Haiti but I still am following the "work" that UNICEF is doing in Haiti. I would be glad to add my signature to this letter or petition if I could. ON the plus side, my former orphanage GLA just posted an update that said they received several files out of Parquet, some had been in since May 2007. Maybe, just maybe, things will start to improve.

PS - I am so thankful for the work you are doing for the little ones of Haiti!

Amber said...

I second and third all of the "thank you's" for your wonderful work for the children of Haiti.
We too would love to sign a letter to UNICEF.