Monday, March 31, 2008

March 31, 2008 - Update

I learned that Claudy Gassant was in Boston, MA last weekend, presenting at at Human Rights Conference at Suffolk University School of Law about how the appeals court process works in Haiti.

It made me sick to think that this man is presenting about his efforts to improve human and civil rights for people in Haiti. I guess that children are not human and thus should not have human or civil rights to live with their loving adoptive families and instead should linger in orphanages?!

So much for my editorial opinion. ... I am still trying to figure out who organized this conference so that I can express my outrage.

Mise à Jour du 31 Mars 2008,

J'ai appris que Claudy Gassant était à Boston, MA le week end dernier, pour participer à une conférence sur les Droits de l'Homme au département droit de l'université de Suffolk, durant laquelle il s'exprimait sur le fonctionnement de la cour d'appel en Haiti.

J'en étais malade de penser que cet homme puisse faire état de ses efforts pour améliorer les droits de l'homme en Haiti. Je suppose que les enfants n'étant pas encore des hommes, ne peuvent donc pas bénéficier des droits civiques qui leur permettraient de vivre heureux dans des familles adoptives aimantes, mais qu'au lieu de ça, ils devraient continuer à végéter dans les orphelinats ? !

Mais assez de mes considérations éditorialistes ! je suis toujours à la recherche de l'organisateur de cette conférence afin de pouvoir lui exprimer mon courroux !

Below, I got part of the French article translated: --- thank you Natalie!

Because he made nasty remarks to his superiors in the hiercharchy during a meeting at the french embassy last week, the Commissioner for the gvt of PAP M. Gassant, received a lettre of blame (reprimand) from the minister of justice and public security.

The secretary of state to the legal reform (réforme judiciaire), M. Daniel Jean, who signed the letter of reprimand dated march 19th, mentionned the accumulating misdemeanours of the Chief of Parquet of PAP. "Any administrative misdemeanour can lead to a penalty going from simple reminder to reprimand (blame), leave of absence without pay or revocation" the secretary of State reminded him in his letter, reported Radio Kiskeya on its website.

The power of M. Gassant was thus delimited in this letter.
A Commissionner to the GVT, only comes in the 5th rank, after the ministers, the secretaries of State, the general director, the director of legal cases, insisted M.Jean in his letter of blame.

It was also reminded to Gassant's knowledge that Commissioners to the Gvt, Chiefs of Parquet & substitutes are equal, except that commissioners in chief are moreover in charge of the administration and distribution of files at the level of their own Parquet, and must insure the good functionning of and ensure the smooth functioning of the trial (lower) court registry offices with their own petty sessions.

As to remind M.Gassant of the limits of his prerogatives, the decree dated august 22nd 1995 on the hierarchisation of legal power was mentionned in the letter. So The commissioner to the GVT has no disciplinary power over his substitutes.

The secretary of state to legal reforms, took the opportunity to inform the commissioner to the GVT that no misdemeanour will remain unpunished. Consequently, this letter of blame is now attached to his personnal file.

to be continued ...

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