Sunday, June 22, 2008

Haiti Updates...

I do not have much to report, aside from inconsistency.

  • Some families do not seem to have trouble getting signed out of IBESR and others do. There is no explanation. One of the things that I am going to encourage families to do is to ensure that they are working with an experienced adoption attorney. Just because somebody is an attorney does not mean that that attorney has specialized experience.
  • Presidential Pardon for families with bio kids are being issued, contrary to what some orphanages are being told or are experiencing. However, there may be a different procedure obtaining this pardon while the file is still in IBESR and while the file is in Parquet. Thus, this may be the reason of the inconsistent reports.
  • I received one report last week that no passports were being printed because the Immigration Office is out of ink. I have not been able to confirm this report.
  • U.S. Embassy visa process - some visas have been issued, but I know that there are many families still waiting. The person who was the visa officer before is now promoted to the person in charge of all immigrant visas.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Vera, did you know if the rumour which says the machine it breaks for the passports is exact? Thank you
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