Thursday, June 19, 2008


I was wondering if any of you, my dear blog readers, have adopted from the following countries. If so, can you email me at ?

If you post a comment on the comment section, it does not automatically show your email address, thus it is difficult for me to respond to you directly. Therefore, if you post a comment, can you include your email address? Or can you email me directly? THANKS!

  • Dominican Republic
  • Panama
  • Jamaica
  • Mexico
  • Costa Rica

This is what I know so far...

Dominican Republic - some people are positive that adoptions can happen from there. BUT it is a very "structured process". All adoption applications have to be made to CONANI, the central adoption authority. Most families that I have spoken with gave up and adopted elsewhere instead. However, these families requested to adopt babies. There is a 60 day required in-country stay, this alone would rule out some families adoption possibilities.

Panama - I have absolutely no information.

Mexico - Most adoptions have to go through the social services (DIF), but there are two states in Mexico that allow private adoptions. As long as the child adopted meets the orphan definition, the child should be eligible to come to the U.S. However, currently the Dept. of State is trying to decide if they will allow private adoptions. Spainish and Irish families are actively adopting via private adoptions in Mexico. Both are Hague countries.

Jamaica - I am trying to learn if U.S. families that obtain an "adoption license" can get an IR4 visa for their child to adopt the child in the U.S. Also, I am curious as to the timelines for an "adoption license".

Costa Rica - I have not been able to make any contact to their adoption authority. Their telephone number does not accept incoming international calls. Costa Rica is a Hague country and will only work with a Hague country/licensed agency. Anybody with any information?


Anonymous said...

I know a lady who is Jamaican herself and has family in Jamaica.she is just now bringing her daughter home after more than 3years..and I believe she was allowed to adopt only because she is Jamaican. we are in canada said...

Can you email me privately at

I am wondering about the Jamaica's seemingly new rule to allow children to leave on a guardianship visa to be adopted in the country that the adoptive family comes from.


Leslie said...

I know someone who is right now in Mexico applying for the visa to bring her adopted daughter to the US. said...

Leslie - people assume that because they post the comment on my blog that I can email directly in response.... I cannot.

Can you email me directly at