Thursday, July 17, 2008

UNICEF & Guatemala Rumor

I learned yesterday that UNICEF supposedly paid $20 Million U.S. Dollars to the previous president of Guatemala to stop adoptions in Guatemala.

The money was supposed to have gone to building orphanages and for children's care since adoptions were being shut down in Guatemala. However, none of the money went to its intended purposes.

Right now, I am treating this report as a RUMOR, and the only reason that I posting it on my blog is in the hopes of some you (the readers) can assist me in confirming this to be a fact or to discredit it.

What concerns me is that UNICEF is very active in Haiti pressuring government and judical officals to slow down and basically shut down adoptions by implementing adoption qualification rules that makes it difficult for anybody to adopt a child.

I spoke to somebody who spends a lot of time in Guatemala and she reports that it is a desparate situation for children since adoptions shut down since there aren't many alternatives available for the care of unwanted children.

So if it is true that UNICEF provided $20,000,000 to the previous Guatemala President and it was not spent on the intended purposes, I want to know.



Aves @ Call of the Phoebe said...

My first daughter was adopted from Guatemala, and I had heard this rumor early last year. Is is true, I don't know, but what is true is that Guatemala is shut down to adoptions at this time, and UNICEF has had a heavy hand in that country.

Anonymous said...

What I don't get here is that from what I read UNICEF is partially funded by our Canadian government along with other governments (taxpayer's money). Should we just be contacting some higher ups in our goverments and bring these issues to their attention. The Governor-General in Canada is from Haiti and I'm sure she'd like to see adoptions continue.

Rosalie said...

Rosalie - I do not have your email address.

Right now, what I wrote about is a rumor. But, UNICEF's stand is that they are not anti-adoption, however, their actions speak louder than words. Look at: Guatemala, Liberia, Vietnam, and any other country that is shut down to adoptions now.

Anonymous said...

What is UNICEF's motivation?


Anonymous said...

Hi Vera:

I can't say I've studied this issue too much but I'd really like to find out more about UNICEF and their activities . . . it's just been busy for me lately with a major move next week. If you can direct me to where to learn more about UNICEF and their funding etc. I'll read up more when I can. If we can get something more verifiable about how they are blocking adoptions in Haiti, then I'd be happy to start writing letters to some MPs and Gov-Gen once I have all the "ducks in order".

My email address is: and I'm adopting two girls from M&S.