Monday, August 25, 2008

Adoption STAR

I have been receiving multiple emails of U.S. families who want to adopt in Haiti through referrals from other current-adoptive Haiti families.

I can assist these families as the International Adoption Coordinator of Adoption STAR, a fully licensed and Hague accredited adoption agency.

I recommend that families go through a Hague accredited adoption agency even though Haiti is a non-Hague country and still permits independent adoptions. However, with the United States becoming a Hague country, the preference of the U.S. State Department, which is now the central U.S. adoption authority, appears to be for families to adopt through the assistance of a Hague accredited agency.
I accepted the position with Adoption STAR after thorough research and after meeting with the agency director, board, etc. They are a great agency, passionate in representing adoptive families and children.
If you are an American couple or single who is interested in adopting in Haiti and would like the services of a fully Hague accredited adoption agency, with passionate and professional representation in your adoption, please contact Adoption STAR or me directly at

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