Sunday, August 31, 2008

Hello from Haiti

I just wanted to post a general update...even though there is not much new to report.

Things are pretty much back to normal in the Port-au-Prince area post Hurricane Gustav. The rivers are still higher than normal, there is more mud, lots of puddles are left over, but life is back to normal. I am really concerned for the poor people living in Louisana as it looks like Gustav is going to make a direct hit with much more force than it had when it passed through Haiti.

We had some really heavy rain last night with some seriously loud thunder. It became so cool that I had to use a blanket which is unusual.

IBESR: Madam Beaudoin has promised that if she gets the post as the Minister that she will ensure that somebody good will replace her as the IBESR director.

Parquet: It is my hope that as Claudy Gassant has exited Parquet in Port-au-Prince that Mr. Joseph will be more reasonable with the issuance of adoption decrees. The reason that IBESR had started to implement the "age 35 or older" rule was because of Claudy Gassant. After all, why would IBESR sign adoption authorizations when the Gassant refused to sign the adoption decrees? Rumors have it that at one point Gassant was threatening IBESR directors (there are four that have to sign the adoption authorization - Madam Beaudoin is one of he signatories) with arrest if they were going to continue to sign authorizations for couples younger than 35 years of age.

By the way, other parquets throughout Haiti never implemented the same "rules" that Gassant applied during his tenure at the PAP parquet.

Legalization: I have received some emails from adoptive parents who seem to be confused about the legalization process/steps post-adoption. After parquet, the adoption documents must be certified (stamped) by the Foreign Services Ministry. Additionally, the adoption decree has to obtain an Archive document. That can take several weeks to obtain.

Also, if the child has a birth certificate or there is a death certificate for one of his/her parents, an Archive document has to be obtained as well. (See my previous posts regarding obtaining an Archive.)

Ministry of Interior: MOI is operating efficiently. The files that are "stuck" in MOI are stuck because either the "interview" has not be done yet or there is a mistake on a document that has to be replaced or an Archive or legalization stamp is missing from a document.

Let's hope that some normalcy will return to processing of adoptions through the PAP parquet.


Anonymous said...

so is beaudin still in IBESR, or has she left? i am very confused about this....

KimK said...

does anyone know about how far out visa appointments are being made?

thank you!