Sunday, March 29, 2009

Ministry of Interior Update

Currently, there are about 350 files inside the downstairs MOI office. There are about 200 files in the upstairs (Office of Juritique) office.

About 30 files were having passport authorization letters typed up on Friday morning. Thus, there is movement. :))

One of the hold ups, as I have written about before, is that for all documents that have only a half-page archive, i.e. birth or death certificates that are less than one year old and all adoption decrees (since most of them are less than one year old) have to receive a letter from the Ministry of Justice (MOJ) to certify the original document's authenticity.

Obtaining those letters can take time, just like getting an archive certificate can take time. Also, for several files that I worked on, MOJ made some typing errors on its certification letter and thus MOI would not accept it. For example, if the adoption date was August 22, 2008 and the letter states August 23, 2008, then the letter is not going to be accepted. A new certification letter has to be obtained. (FRUSTRATING!)

Also, MOI only has office hours for orphanages/lawyers to come in to submit paperwork or to do the interviews on Thursday and Friday. In the past, they received orphanages/lawyers five days per week.

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