Thursday, April 2, 2009

The Presidential Pardon Mystery

Okay --- here is one page of the newspaper. There were three editions for sale with different dates. This one is date March 2nd. There was none to be found dated for the end of March, but there were others for February with the same kinds of listings. We had been told that 50 were listed in the newest edition that we could not find for sale.
All three papers that we could find had similar listings as the one above. The weird thing is that one of the dossiers listed on this March 2nd edition is one of our families and we have not received any official news regarding their file.
So this is getting a bit weird and maybe I should not have announced that 50 families got presidential waivers since these families listed on the March 2nd edition supposedly got theirs too....and like I said one of the families listed is our family.
Also, I find it a bit "strange" that prospective families' information is listed like this in a publication that is available for sale.
I would really welcome any input...

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